BETHANY, W.Va. – Kristen Workman-Howell, a senior Communication major at Bethany, interned this past summer at NBN Television in Newcastle, Australia. Workman-Howell was the only student from North America selected for this internship, which was part of the AustraLearn program.

NBN Television broadcasts across Northern New South Wales, covering an area from just north of Sydney to just south of Brisbane. The broadcast area is the fourth largest market in Australia. NBN Television is the highest rated station in Australia.

“I wanted to study overseas so I spoke with Dr. Joseph Lovano (Associate Professor of Foreign Languages) and he put me in contact with Dr. Pauline Nelson (Professor of Foreign Languages and Head of the Department). Dr. Nelson helped me find the program, AustraLearn, which fit perfectly with my career goals,” Workman-Howell said.

There she was exposed to the day to day workings of a highly professional media team and had the opportunity to observe all aspects of news production during her three months in Australia.

“I went out with camera teams everyday. I gathered information, conducted interviews, did voice-overs and helped with editing. I made ten packages total which I was able to take with me. It was the best experience of my life,” Workman-Howell said.

At Bethany, Workman-Howell has worked at the College television station, TV3, for all four of her years on campus.