BETHANY, W.Va. – The College has been reaching out far and wide to its alumni, and in turn, alumni are responding back to the College. Active alumni chapters have begun the past year in both Pittsburgh, Pa., and the greater Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Alumni in the Boston region are following suit with the formation of its own chapter. With the success of December's alumni event, the first event held in several years in the region, both alumni and the College don’t want to loose the excitement and are building on the event's momentum.

Director of the Mid-Atlantic Region and The Bethany Fund, David McMullen '90, said, "One of the goals I wanted to achieve when I started working for my alma mater was to see several regions engaged in advancing the College’s goals through a variety of avenues. Our alumni are such a resource for the College and a wealth of knowledge that it is a shame not to see them playing a bigger role in seeing their school recruit the best students, network with each other and support the College in a variety of other ways."

Just a few days after the alumni event in December, alumni and staff held a conference call to talk about the next move.

"It was then that I knew this group of alumni was determined to see this chapter flourish," McMullen continued.

One of the alumni, Dave Weibe '04, said, "We are lucky to have a large alumni base in the region and especially fortunate to have a solid group of people in Boston dedicated to bringing alumni back into the Bethany community."

Weibe continued, "Many alumni up here (in Boston), for geographical reasons above all, have seemed to have lost touch with the College, and this is a great way to rekindle their passion for their alma mater and keep them involved. As a small school, it is important that the alumni support network is strong, and New England has been an untapped resource for far too long. This is a key step for Bethany to reaffirm itself as a top liberal arts college. A key goal for us is to re-establish strong recruiting in the New England region so that Bethany can continue to boast a student body with diverse demographics. There are very many respectable liberal arts colleges in the Northeast, but if prospective students visited Bethany, I am confident that it would vault to the top of their list given Bethany's enchanting atmosphere."

Alumna Jean Montgomery Lesogor '95, who is also leading the charge, said, "I feel that it is important to form a Boston area alumni chapter because not only do alumni represent Bethany's past, but we can choose to significantly influence her future. The Boston area is home to one of the largest groups of Bethany College alums, which is currently underutilized and somewhat disconnected from the College. As a Boston area alum, who is on Alumni Council, I recognize some of the logistical challenges of frequently reconnecting with the College in person, so, it is our goal to bring Bethany's aspirations, vitality and sense of community to those of us that hold her dear in Boston."

If you are interested in becoming involved or finding out more information on this chapter, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or 304-829-7411.