BETHANY, W.Va. - Bethany College Associate Professor of Communication Dr. Patrick J. Sutherland has been invited to attend the New Media Summit in New York City on June 7 and 8. Some 80 academics, journalists and business leaders from around the United States will be attending the event which is co-sponsored by Edelman Corporate and Public Affairs and PR Week.

Sutherland is the Communication Department Chairperson at Bethany College. “Bethany College’s Communication program is in the midst of exciting curriculum and technology changes related to new media,” said Sutherland. “For example, this fall our department will offer three new or revised courses related to communication and digital media.”

Sessions at the New Media Summit will examine how journalism, marketing and communications are taught and practiced and include topics such as metaverse, user-generated content, social networks and new media ethics.

“Our campus media at Bethany are also incorporating new digital technologies such as audio streaming by the campus radio station and procurement of high-definition camcorders for our campus TV station which is telecast over a cable system,” said Sutherland. “The system is being upgraded this summer in Bethany by Comcast Cable.”

While in New York City, Sutherland also plans to meet with Bethany College alumnae such as Christie Dittmar, ‘92, who works for The New York Times advertising department, and Marie de Paris, ’83, who works for NYC’s Fox TV station in their new media department.