BETHANY, W.Va. – Dr. Patrick J. Sutherland, Chair of the Bethany College Department of Communication, has been selected to present his research on domestic radio stations using the internet as a means of interacting with their listeners at the 66th annual National Broadcasting Society Convention, scheduled for March 11-16 in Anaheim, Calif.

The title of Sutherland’s latest study is “Local Terrestrial Radio Stations in the United States: Content and Interactive Features Diffusion on the Stations’ Front Web Pages.” It follows his recent study which focused on local television stations and their use of the internet in day-to-day news operations. Sutherland presented results of that study in April, at a conference hosted by Texas Tech University.

“The internet is the fastest diffusing medium ever developed,” said Dr. Sutherland. “It and other new technologies are changing business models in mass communication. It is also changing higher education programs in Journalism and Mass Communications as they strive to produce and provide instruction related to that technology.”

Bethany has supported an NBS chapter for more than a decade. Sutherland says students and faculty benefit from trips to national conventions. Traveling to national conventions gives them the opportunity to network with professionals who are already working in the field while enabling both groups to keep pace with the latest developments on the cutting edge of broadcast research.