Changes Under Way for Bethany Workout Facilities

 BETHANY, W.Va. - Bethany is in the process of adding a new weight room/fitness center on campus in the Cummins Community Center, while the weight room in the Thomas Phillip Johnson Health & Recreation Center will be upgraded with new equipment.

The plans for the Cummins Center involve moving some cardio equipment, which included treadmills, stair machines, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers, from the Recreation Center to the new facility. In addition, brand-new Cybex strength training equipment will be placed there as a gift to the college. These additions will give the College a new facility which is planned to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the students and the community.

Funding from a private donation will help fill the weight room in the Johnson Recreation Center with some new equipment as well. Most of the additions in the Recreation Center weight room will be of the free weight variety. Some will replace outdated equipment, while some will be newer, state of the art training pieces.

"We've already moved some cardio equipment over to the Center and thanks to a very generous benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous; we also have new Cybex strength-training equipment,” said Bethany athletic director Tim Weaver. “The athletic department is working closely with the office of student services on this facility, and we plan to add more cardio training pieces along with strength training equipment.”

"The goal is to have the Cummins Community Center open 24 hours a day to give the College community a new, well lit, and more accessible workout facility," said Elizabeth de Jong, Dean of Students. “This should give Bethany students the opportunity to do a cardio or weight training workout without having to come all the way across campus. Both facilities are works in progress, but within the next few weeks, we think the campus will have two very nice workout facilities.”

"This should also alleviate congestion in the Recreation Center's weight room," said Weaver. "Through another private gift, we will be adding new free weight equipment in the Rec Center, while also offering limited cardio equipment to be used more for rehab than training. By cutting down on the traffic and upgrading to newer free weight equipment, we should help the athletic programs as well."