Endowed Award Named in Honor of Bethany College Professor Randolph Cooey

BETHANY, W.Va.W. Randolph Cooey, a graduate and long-time economics professor of Bethany College, will be honored with the establishment of an endowed award, The W. Randolph Cooey Value Added Award, made possible through an $11,000 contribution by an anonymous donor.  He will retire from the College at the end of the current academic year. 

According to the criteria, “The W. Randolph Cooey Value Added Award is to the graduating senior in the Department of Economics and Business who gained the most value added from their time at Bethany College.  Value added is a term used in economics to measure the difference between the value of the final product and the value of the inputs.”

“This award provides fitting and proper recognition to Professor Cooey, who has devoted nearly all of his professional life to Bethany College,” stated Dr. Scott D. Miller, President of the College. “Throughout  his nearly 50 years here as both a student and teacher he has impacted the life of Bethany and the business world in countless ways. We extend to him our sincere appreciation and respect.”

During his time at Bethany, Cooey has established a reputation of excellence as a teacher and mentor with a profound commitment to his students. He has earned the distinction of full professor and has served as chair of the Department of Economics and Business. He also holds the John F. and Evelyn Casey Steen Professorship in Economics, a testament to his academic achievements.

“Bethany’s economics and business program has flourished under Professor Cooey’s leadership,” said Associate Professor Wilfrid Csaplar, newly named chair of the Department of Economics and Business. “This award is an appropriate way to honor his many years of service to Bethany and its students and to continue building upon the legacy of excellence that he so expertly established. On a personal note, he has been a tremendous mentor to me during my tenure on the Bethany faculty.”

Cooey graduated from Bethany in 1964 with a degree in economics and a minor in mathematics. As a result of his outstanding scholasticism, he was inducted into Gamma Sigma Kappa, the College’s academic honor society.  

He went on from Bethany to earn a Master’s degree in economics from West Virginia University and also completed graduate coursework at Mississippi State University. Cooey returned to Bethany College in 1966 and embarked upon a career there that would span more than four decades. The academic year 2009-2010 marks his 44th year of service.

Cooey has been an instrumental participant in many programs on campus throughout the years, including the recently established McCann Family Student Investment Fund created by Robert and Cindy McCann. Robert McCann was a student of Cooey’s during his undergraduate years at Bethany and is now chief executive officer of UBS Wealth Management Americas and vice chairman of the Bethany’s Board of Trustees.

Like McCann, a significant number of economics and business students have capitalized on their Bethany education by developing highly successful careers — and have continued to maintain active involvement with the College and with Cooey long after graduating. The Bethany College Alumni Council, in fact, chose to honor Cooey with the James E. Allison Award for Teaching Excellence in 2004. The award recognizes those who have displayed outstanding service and involvement in teaching, accomplishment and research in their discipline and student life.

Bethany College is a small college of national distinction located on a picturesque and historic 1,300-acre campus in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Founded in 1840, Bethany is the state’s oldest private college.