In an effort to facilitate communications with multiple constituencies of Bethany College, President Dr. Scott D. Miller announced in December 2007 the initiation of Old Main Journal, an e-news service of the Office of the President.

The purpose of Old Main Journal is "to share good news about the people and events about Bethany College in a timely manner." The Journal is a collaborative effort of the Offices of the President, Communications, and Sports Information and is distributed each Friday afternoon to faculty/staff, students, alumni and friends of the College. Those not on the current distribution list may click here to subscribe.

The site will be archived here weekly for easy access. Submissions are encouraged and may be sent to Stephanie Gordon,  Assistant to the President, no later than noon each Thursday.

Subscribers will also receive The President’s Letter, a monthly e-column by Dr. Miller.

The Old Main Journal 2014-15

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