Engineering 3+2 Cooperative Program

The Bethany engineering program permits students to earn both a bachelor’s degree from Bethany and a B.S. in engineering from a cooperating school upon completion of a five-year sequence. Students spend three years in the liberal arts environment at Bethany and then attend Case-Western Reserve University or Columbia University for an additional two years. 

Students interested in engineering should plan to take Physics 201-202 and Mathematics 201-202 during their first year. Other courses should be chosen with regard to the particular subfield within engineering that interests the student. Additional information is available from the pre-engineering advisor, Dr. Robert Spangler, Associate Professor of Physics.

Law 3+3 Cooperative Program

In conjunction with Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bethany College has established an innovative three-three program which permits a student to complete three years of undergraduate work at Bethany and then enter the Duquesne University Law School for completion of the J.D. degree after three more years of study (four years in the Evening Division). Students receive a bachelor’s degree from Bethany upon successful completion of the first year of the law program and having completed all college-wide requirements for a Bethany degree. Additional information about this program may be obtained from the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Veterinary Cooperative Program

Colleges of Veterinary Medicine expect incoming students to have a broad background in the biological and physical sciences with students completing at least three courses in biology including general biology, genetics, microbiology as the most requested, two semesters of both general chemistry and organic chemistry, as well as at least one semester of biochemistry, and two semesters of general physics. A course in animal nutrition is required by nearly half of the schools. Bethany College courses that satisfy the usual requirements are: Biology 100, 180, 290, and 343; Chemistry 101-102, 211-212, and 351-352; Physics 201-202.

Other typical course requirements include at least one math class and two semesters of English composition and literature. Another major requirement is documented experience with animals and work with veterinarians.

Students can gain valuable experience working with area veterinarians. Students who can claim West Virginia residency status may obtain a position as a contract student at one of two schools: The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and Mississippi State University. There are at present 13 contract seats for West Virginia residents among the two eligible schools. Eligible students must complete the application for the West Virginia Contract Seat, which can be obtained at Application deadlines vary, and students are encouraged to consult the website listed above at the beginning of their junior year. All students interested in attending veterinary school should review the admission requirements of any veterinary college they may likely attend as requirements among the colleges vary widely.

Social Work 2+2 Program

In conjunction with West Virginia Northern Community College, Bethany College has established a 2+2 program in Social Work which permits students to complete their Associate Degree at WVNCC and continue on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Bethany College with two more years study. Courses for the program are offered at both campuses, making it easier for commuters to complete the program. For additional information on this program, please contact Professor Katherine Shelek-Furbee, chair of the Department of Social Wor

Carnegie Mellon University Cooperative Programs

In cooperation with H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bethany College offers accelerated master’s programs to qualified Bethany students. Students attend Bethany College for their first-year through junior year followed by three to four semesters at the Heinz School. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a bachelor’s degree from Bethany College and a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University in less time than would normally be required to achieve both.

The following cooperative programs are available:

  • Master of Science in Public Policy and Management
  • Master of Science in Health Care Policy and Management
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology and Management
  • Master of Arts Management
  • Master of Information Systems Management
  • Master of Science in Information Security Policy and Management

Students pay tuition and fees to Bethany College from their first-year through junior years. They pay tuition and fees to Carnegie Mellon for their graduate program, either three or four semesters beyond the completion of the junior year, depending upon program. Certain courses taken at Carnegie Mellon University may be applied to major requirements for Bethany College as determined by the department concerned. Bethany College students are eligible for scholarship support from Bethany for their First-Year through Junior years. They will be eligible for scholarship support from the Heinz College for the length of their graduate program. For additional information about these programs, please contact the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty.