Biology Program

Students in the Biology Program major in Biology and must choose from one of the following areas of emphasis: Biology, Biochemistry, or Biology Education (Grades 9-12).

The Biology Program also offers minors in Botany, Environmental Biology, and Zoology.

Program Goals

The Biology program at Bethany College is designed to achieve the following goals for its students:
  • To improve and develop writing, oral, and reading skills in scientific communication.
  • To experience, develop, and demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method as an approach to problem solving.
  • To prepare students for professional and graduate schools and for employment in science related fields.
  • To help students see their place in the evolution of living things and to understand the taxonomy and ecology of living things and the student’s place in the world of living organisms.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to learn basic knowledge of the broad field of Biology.