The Department of Economics and Business resides in Old Main along with the Economics and Public Policy Laboratory. The curriculum prepares students for a variety of programs. Approximately fifteen to twenty percent of the department's graduates enter graduate and professional programs immediately upon graduation. Within ten years of graduation approximately one-half of our graduates have earned a graduate or professional degree.

Students in the Economic and Business Department may major in Economics, with emphasis in Managerial Economics, International Economics, and Financial Economics. Majors in Business Administration and Accounting are also available.

The department also offers minors in Economics, Accounting, Management, and Business Administration.

Program Goals

The goal of the three major tracks in the Economics department is to enhance one's ability and competence in relating  business and economic concepts, functions, and policies to each other at increasingly abstract levels in order to solve problems and analyze policies.  Students will become proficient at:

  • Organizing data in a logical, goal oriented or problem solving manner.
  • Analyzing implicit and explicit elements of a problem, using deductive reasoning by identifying the relationship of the variables involved.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge (marginal decision analysis) to practical problem solving.
  • Thinking logically about data and its application to problem solving.
  • Developing more efficient solutions for current problems and new solutions for future problems.

The Accounting program at Bethany College is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • To teach the application of generally accepted accounting principles to interpret and use financial and management data.
  • To prepare students for careers in accounting and to prepare students to do work in a graduate accounting program.
  • To develop the ability to communicate financial and managerial results using numbers.
  • To prepare the students to relate accounting information to critical economic and financial analysis.
  • To teach the application of generally accepted auditing standards and auditing theory.
  • To teach the application of tax law and ability to prepare personal income tax returns.
  • To teach the application of business law and ethical principles used in the business environment.
  • To teach and provide accounting students with oral and written communication and presentation skills.

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