Business Courses

BUSA 203 Principles of Advertising and Public Relations 3 credits
This course covers the history and principles of advertising and public relations and discusses the different fields of marketing including industry and non-profit work. Advertising and public relations’ relative places in integrated media and marketing plans are also discussed. (This course may be taken as credit as COMM 203.)
BUSA 205 Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics 3 credits
This course teaches the mathematical tools from Calculus and Linear Algebra which are used in Economics and Business. Topics include derivatives, multivariate derivatives, and systems of equations applied to problems from Economics and Business. Not be open to students who have taken MATH 201. Pre-requisites: MATH 105 or the equivalent; proper placement by the Bethany College Mathematics Placement Examination; or permission of the instructor. This course cannot replace MATH 201 as a pre-requisite for MATH 202.
BUSA 222 Research Methods in Business 3 credits
This course introduces elementary research methods in business and economics. The course includes the use of microcomputers in business and economics. Emphasis is on using spreadsheets to prepare quantitative research projects in business and economics. The course also covers writing quantitative reports in business and economics. (This course may be taken for credit as ECON 222 or ACCT 222.) Prerequisites: ECON 163 and MATH 281 or 383 or PSYC 205. Prerequisite or corequisite: MATH 282 or 384.

BUSA 287 Organizations and Human Behavior 3 credits
This course is a study of specific aspects of organization culture, such as motivation, conflict, power, and leadership. Focus is on improving the effectiveness of organizations by strengthening human processes. (This course may be taken for credit as PSYC 287 or ECON 287.)

BUSA 290 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
This course introduces the fundamental concepts that help improve marketing decision-making. The student is introduced to the language of marketing, the concepts of marketing strategy, the concepts of product development, the psychology of consumer behavior, the mix of intermediate channel members, and the role of promotion and pricing. (This course may be taken for credit as ECON 290.)

BUSA 311 Principles of Management 3 credits
This course exposes students to the general principles of the field of management, which includes planning, organizing, leading, innovating, and controlling organizational efforts. It also examines the role of ethics and the role of management within the broader social context. (This course may be taken for credit as ACCT 311 or ECON 311.)

BUSA 312 Financial Management 3 credits
Financial Management is an exploration of corporate organizations and the planning of their financial requirements. The course includes an intensive study of cash flow, ration analysis, budgeting, capital decision making, external financing, and corporate failure and reorganization. (This course may be taken for credit as ECON 312 or ACCT 312.) Prerquisites: ACCT
202, 203, and ACCT/BUSA/ECON 222.

BUSA 332 Business Law 3 credits
This course is an introduction to the nature and development of common law and of the Uniform Commercial Code. Included is the study of contract law, business aspects of criminal law, ethical aspects of legal issues, and issues related to partnerships and corporations. (This course may be take for credit as ECON 332 or ACCT 332.)

BUSA 350 Business Cycles and Forecasting 3 credits
This course explores economic fluctuations in the modern American economy against the backdrop of the alternative theories explaining these fluctuations. Students in the course are presented with the quantitative data which describes the cycles and the analytical techniques used to generate economic forecast. Prerequisites: ECON 302 and MATH 282.

BUSA 477 Senior Seminar 3 credits
The Senior Seminar in Business is a review of business practices and policies with respect to the goal of achieving an efficient model for for-profit and non-profit organizations. In the course students gain an integrated insight in the various business disciplines as applied to contemporary business problems and issues. This course also includes focused writing instruction
for the preparation of business reports. Prerequisite: Senior standing in the department or permission of the instructor.

BUSA 481 Business Law II 3 credits
This course is a continuation of Business Law I. Topics include: Commercial; Real and Personal Property; Bailment; Landlord and Tenant Relations; Wills Intestacy and Trusts; Intellectual Property; Computer Privacy and Speech; Employer-Employee Relationship; Employment Law; Product Liability; Professional Liability, International Business Law; and, Contract
Interpretation. (This course may be taken for credit as ACCT 481 or BUSA 481.)

BUSA 482 Ethics in Business 3 credits
This course exposes students to the social and economic responsibilities of business to society by examining the critical role of ethics in business decision making and its application to key strategic business decisions. (This course may be taken for credit as ACCT 482 or ECON 482.)

BUSA 487-48 Independent Study 3 credits

BUSA 490 Senior Project 3 credits
The Senior Project is open only to students majoring in Business Administration. Students prepare and present a senior project. The topic of the senior project must be selected during the first semester of the senior year and must be approved by the department chair.

BUSA 495 Graduation Audit Non-credit
Registration for this course initiates a graduation audit process to verify that all requirements for graduation are scheduled to be met by the anticipated degree completion date.