Bethany College recognizes that some students can best fulfill the goals of a Liberal Arts education and achieve their own personal objectives through a program integrating work from several traditional academic disciplines. The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies makes such integrative educational experiences possible in four ways:

  • by offering interdisciplinary course available to all students
  • by establishing faculty-sponsored interdisciplinary majors in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, International Relations, Political Communications, and Psychology and Education.
  • by making it possible for individual students to initiate and create majors which incorporate work in several academic disciplines.
  • by providing a minor in Women's Studies.

Students with personal or professional educational goals which are not easily obtained through the programs of the traditional academic department may design their own majors at Bethany. To do so, students are generally required to have attained sophomore standing with a grade point average of 3.0 or better, although exceptions are made to these requirements when justified.

Working closely with the director of Interdisciplinary Studies and other members of the faculty, the student develops a proposal describing the program by stating the goals of the major, identifying the curriculum of courses required for the major, and explaining how the courses in the curriculum contribute to fulfilling the goals. When appropriate, programs may include independent studies, specialized courses taken at other colleges, study abroad, and internships of other practical experiences.

The proposal is reviewed by the Faculty Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies which has the authority to approve the program. When the committee approves a program it is filed with the Bethany Registrar and becomes the students official major.

Majors which emphasize the sciences earn Bachelor of Science degrees. Majors which emphasize the humanities and social sciences earn Bachelor of Arts Degrees.

Faculty-Sponsored Interdisciplinary Study majors include Education and Psychology; Environmental Science; International Economics with Study Abroad; International Relations; Music Technology; and Psychology, Religion and Culture.

The department also offers minors inĀ Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Marketing, and Women's Studies.