Welcome to the Social Work website! Bethany College’s Social Work Program has provided 25+ years of professional education for over 200 graduates and has been fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since the 1983-84 academic year.

Mission Statement

Based in the context of liberal arts education and the generalist model, the Social Work Program prepares students for beginning-level, professional social work practice in all practice settings. Program implementation is founded in a humanizing orientation growing out of the historical roots of social work. It is designed to support the development of a lifelong social conscience reflecting a respect for human dignity, diversity, and a commitment to social justice. 


The Social Work Program offers:

Program Goals

In keeping with the mission statement of the Social Work Program, the following goals provide a foundation for program objectives and student learning outcomes:

  • To prepare students for beginning level, generalist social work practice within the framework of the NASW Code of Ethics.
  • To prepare students to work with populations affected by oppresssion and discrimination and to advocate for social and economic justice.
  • To prepare students with a solid educational foundation for graduate education and continued professional growth and development.

Social Work faculty believe that the Goals statements assist in the fulfillment of the Program Mission, and accurately reflect the Mission of the College and its Goals.

Department of Social Work
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