Requirements for Major in Social Work

The purpose of the social work program is to prepare the student for entry-level, generalist social work practice. Students accomplish this goal by completing the following courses: SOWO 120, 150, 210, 230, 310, 320, 340, 350, 352, 377, 455, 470, 472, 490, 495; EDUC 203 or PSYC 230; and PSYC 100. Students are advised to take selected liberal arts core courses to complete the social work major. Students majoring in social work are expected to complete the liberal arts required courses before they begin the professional study for the major. Social work practice courses must be taken in sequence, and students may not take the field placement courses (SOWO 470 and SOWO 472) without first completing all required social work courses except SOWO 455 and SOWO 490, which are taken in conjunction with the field placement experience. SOWO 120 is a prerequisite for all courses in social work except SOWO 125-145, 150, 210, 230, and 310. The program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits the Social Work program at the Bachelor of Social Work level.

Writing Requirement
The College focused writing requirement is fulfilled by students majoring in Social Work through a series of assignments in courses required for the major. These assignments cover the technical writing skills specific to the profession of social work and include case histories, psychosocial assessments, case recording and documentation formats, case plans, proposal writing, program and policy analysis and various research design structures. These writing assignments are included in course work and culminate with the independent research design, which fulfills the senior project.

First Semester Credit Second Semester Credit

PSYC 100: General Psychology 4 *SOWO 120: Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare 3
    SOWO 150: Social Problems 3

(Students must apply for admission to the Social Work Program during SOWO 120)

SOWO 210: Human Diversity 3 SOWO 310 Human Behavior 3
EDUC 203: Human Development OR PSYC 230: Developmental Psychology 3    

Junior    SOWO 320: Social Welfare Policies  3
*SOWO 350: Social Work Practice I 3 *SOWO 352: Social Work Practice II 3
    SOWO 377 Junior Seminar 1
    SOWO 340: Research Methods 3

SOWO 455: Social Work Practice III 3    
SOWO 470: Field Placement 9    
SOWO 472: Senior Seminar 2    
SOWO 490: Senior Project 2    

*Please note: Students are eligible to enroll in SOCI 100 Service Learning (see Social Science section in the Catalogue) for courses with * above.