Frequently Asked Questions

How will we select a student worker for our agency?

You can either contact us directly by phone, e-mail, or an agency request form. This form enables you to advertise any opportunities you may have for service learning to the students and enables the Center to pair you with a student who can enhance his or her education by assisting your agency.

Will we decide how long the student worker would be with us or will the course instructor decide the duration of the placement/project?

This duration of a service learning project will be negotiated by the professor and the agency. Both parties need to consider the project requirements, student availability, and the length of the semester. For projects integrated with academic coursework, projects will be evaluated at the end of each semester for grading purposes.

What forms, including liability forms, are we responsible for completing?

Participating agencies must sign a waiver of liability as well as a memorandum of understanding with the SLC. Other forms may be required at the discretion of the Service Learning Center, including student evaluation forms.

If we have project needs that do not meet service learning requirements, would the Service Learning Center help us convert it to a service learning project?

Yes, the Service Learning Center could provide examples as well as ideas for any projects your agency may have in mind. 

Can students be compensated for their work with our agency?

No. Students cannot be compensated for their work during a service learning project or internship.

Will students be available every semester to work at our agency?

The Service Learning Center cannot guarantee student availability.

Will all projects and placements be in conjunction with an academic course or can students complete self-designed, service learning work?

Students can complete self-designed service learning projects, but these must be pre-approved by a course instructor or their academic advisor. All service learning projects must reflect the use of information or skills gleaned from the student’s major field of study.

Will students be completing more than one project or placement at a time? Can students complete work at multiple agencies?

The number of assignments a student takes on is dependent on the student’s course and work schedule. If time permits and the student is interested, he or she may be involved in more than one project during a semester.

Is the student responsible for providing his/her own transportation?

The College does have vans available for group travel. Such reservations are at the discretion of the professor; if the professor does not reserve transportation, the student is responsible for providing his or her own transportation.

If we have no need for assistance during a certain semester, are we still eligible to receive students for service learning opportunities in the future?

Yes. We are always looking for new projects and ideas. We welcome your agency’s input and will do our best to fulfill agency needs as they arise.