Social Awareness Club


Membership in Social Awareness Club (SAC) is open to any student, faculty member, or staff person of Bethany College. Through SAC members will have the chance to become aware of various social dilemmas facing our nation and become effective in bringing them to others' attention. Also, SAC is an action group that organizes members to get involved with social issues on and off campus, enabling them to take appropriate steps to make the community environment a less threatening and pressured place. This is accomplished through community projects, public awareness theme workshops, speakers, exchanges and interaction with similar college and community groups and programs, and participation in the student government.

Examples of activities in which the club members have taken part include fundraisers such as the annual Pet Show benefiting Heifer International, trips to cities like New York or Baltimore to visit historic sites significant to the history of social work, and social events such as t-shirt design parties. Social Awareness Club members are active on campus and participate in campus-sponsored events including a presentation on the Invisible Children campaign, Haiti Relief Efforts and Relay for Life.