4209alumniASSOCgreen.jpgGetting Involved

Getting involved with your alma mater is a great way to show your support, reconnect with peers and meet current students. By sharing your life experiences, you are providing invaluable guidance to help the College to continue to offer outstanding educational and life learning experiences.

Alumni and volunteer support is a key factor in enhancing the reputation of the College. We hope you can find a way to take time out of your busy schedule and GET INVOLVED. There are many paths to participation. Each program is developed with respect to your time while allowing you the greatest opportunity for personal satisfaction.

Please take a moment and read through the opportunities on this page.

Thank you in advance for caring enough to make a difference!

Thank you to some of our recent volunteers!
Nicole Salopek '11
Comm Week guest speaker
Laurie Conway '09
Comm Week guest speaker
Rachel Samlall '13
Comm Week guest speaker
Ashleigh Diserio '04
Washington D.C. Thirsty Thursday Organizer
Gina (DeBlais) Kinder '00
68th annual Darline Nicholson Spring Breakfast guest speaker
Alex Henry '14
Columbus Thirsty Thursday
Ian Hicks '09
Comm Week guest speaker
Jessica (Spencer) Benedict '07
Kalon Scholar Leadership Academy keynote speaker
Elizabeth (Walsh) Verrier '96
Kalon Scholarship Luncheon guest speaker
Joyce Dumbaugh-Chernenko '78
Comm Week guest speaker
Alecia (Sirk Ford '91
Comm Week guest speaker
Jennifer (Fleahman) Rohrig '11
Comm Week guest speaker
David Jolliffee '74
Founder's Day guest speaker
Jessica (Swann) Skywatcher '00
Pittsburgh Thirsty Thursday Organizer
Noelle Wright '14
Washington D.C. Thirsty Thursday Organizer