JOSEPH H. LANE, Jr., Provost and Dean of Faculty, and Professor of Political Science. (2017).


JOHN H. HULL, Professor of Psychology. (1976).

JOHN J. MCGOWAN, Professor of Physical Education and Sports Studies. (1980).

GARY H. KAPPEL, Perry E. and Aleece C. Gresham Chair in Humanities, and Professor of History. (1983).

KATHERINE SHELEK-FURBEE, Associate Provost, Professor of Social Work, Program Director, and Chair of the Department of Social Work. (1984).

JOHN T. BURNS, Professor of Biology. (1985).

FUJIKO O. NITO, Professor of Computer Science. (1985).

JANICE L. FORSTY, Professor of Physical Education and Chair of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Studies, Associate Director of Athletics and Recreation and Head Softball Coach. (1987).

KENNETH L. MORGAN, Jennie Steindorf Renner Chair of Fine Arts and Professor of Fine Arts, Curator of Permanent Art Collections and Director of the Renner Art Gallery. (1989).

PATRICK J. SUTHERLAND, Professor of Communications and General Manager of WVBC-Radio. (1989).

HARALD J. A. MENZ, Professor of World Languages and Cultures, Co-Chair of the Department of Humanities, Co-Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and Director of International Studies. (1994).

JOSEPH B. LOVANO, Professor of World Languages and Cultures. (1997).

HEATHER L. RICCIUTI, The Mary Cutlip Director of Libraries and Learning Resources and Professor of Learning Resources. (1997).

ELIZABETH M. HULL, Dr. Robert L. Martin Chair in English Literature and Professor of English. (1999).

WILFRID W. CSAPLAR JR., Professor of Economics. (2002).

WILLIAM T. HICKS, Professor of Biology and Chair of the Department of Biology. (2003).

ANJU RAMJEE, John F. and Evelyn Casey Steen Professor in Business and Professor of Finance. (2004).

SHERRI THEAKER, Professor of Education, Chair of the Education Department, and CAEP Coordinator. (2011)


LUKE L. HARDT, Associate Professor of Theatre, Director of the Bethany College Theatre. (2002).

MARK A. AFFELTRANGER, Associate Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Department of Psychology. (2003).

MELANEE W. SINCLAIR, Associate Professor of Social Work and Coordinator of Social Work Field Placements. (2004).

BROOKE LEMMONS DEAL, Thomas W. Phillips Chair of Religious Studies, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Co-Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Co-Chair of the Department of Humanities. (2005).

ROBERT S. SPANGLER JR., Associate Professor of Physics. (2005).

KATRINA L. D'AQUIN, Associate Professor of Psychology. (2006).

ADAM C. FLETCHER, Associate Professor of Mathematics. (2006).

VIRGIL G. THOMPSON, Associate Professor of Accounting. (2006).

STEVEN A. CARELLI, Associate Professor of History and Chair of the Department of History and Political Science. (2007).

AMANDA B. STEWART, Associate Professor of Biology. (2007).

LISA M. REILLY, The Goulding-Woolery Professorship in Chemistry, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Physical and Computational Sciences (2008)

MARY ELIZABETH YANCOSEK GAMBLE, Associate Professor of Communications and Media Arts, and Chair of the Department of Communications and Media Arts. (2009).

AARON S. ANSLOW, Associate Professor of Fine Arts. (2011).

JESSIE L. JANESHEK, Associate Professor in English, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum. (2011).

EDWARD F. SHEPHARD, Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. (2011).


RICHARD F. CARVER, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Head Baseball Coach. (1990).

PANDEL L. COLLAROS, Assistant Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts (1999).

S. ANDREW UPTON, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Associate Head Football Coach, and Head Track and Field Coach. (2004).

HEATHER A. TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of English, Director of the McCann Learning Center and Director of the First-Year Studies. (2007).

COURTNEY J. KLINE, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Head Women’s Volleyball Coach. (2008).


MATTHEW PAYMENT, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. (2011).

SCOTT M. BROTHERS, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. (2012).

HOLLY HILLGARDNER, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. (2012).

CAROLYN A. KITCHENS, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. (2012)

JASON SMITH, Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Arts. (2012).

JOSEPH WALSH, Matthew Quay Ammon Professor o Mathematics and Assistant Professor of Mathematics. (2012).

TRAVIS STRAUB, Assistant Professor of English. (2013).

AARON M. HONSOWETZ, Assistant Professor of Economics. (2015).

WILLIAM J. TON, Assistant Professor of Music. (2015).

DUSTIN HIXENBAUGH, Assistant Professor of English. (2016).

DIANE S. SNYDER, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology. (2016).

KATHLEEN CHINI, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education. (2017)

WILLIAM A. FLETCHER, Visiting Assistant Professor of Business. (2017)

FLYNN POLLARD, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science. (2017)

ANTHONY G. POLSINELLI, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology. (2017)


JOHN E. OSBORNE, Associate Professor of Practice, Director of Career & Professional Development. (2007).


WILLIAM J. CURRAN, III, Lecturer in Political Science. (2002).

AARON L. CAREY, Lecturer in Music. (2005).

LORI L. BOHENKO, Lecturer in Equine Studies. (2006).

SCOTT C. THAYER, Lecturer in Religious Studies and Acting Director of International Studies. (2009).

JON C. GREINER, Lecturer in Communication & Media Arts. (2017).

KEVIN CLANCY, Lecturer in Visual Arts. (2017)