A great future. Bethany will take you there.

That’s what we do.

Let’s take the first step – the one from high school to college. We call it the “First-Year Experience,” which includes our First-Year Seminar. You’ll participate in a small group and learn how to learn – at the highest level. This will be the cornerstone of your next four years.

You won’t be alone. You’ll have mentors every step of the way, teachers who truly care. They’ll help shape your academic interests and set your goals. If you don’t have any, you will. Again, that’s what we do.

You’ll be reading at a whole new level. You’ll learn to write effectively. You’ll learn to be a critical thinker – the very tools you need to make an impression in the real world. That’s what employers look for.

During your sophomore and junior years, and not a moment too soon, you’ll have the opportunity to become engaged in global learning, and spend time out of the country in a global setting. Out-of-class learning, internships included, is more than encouraged – we insist on it.

As a senior, you’ll complete the Capstone Experience, a senior project created specifically to get you on your way to a master’s and/or the entry-level job market – to transform you into a knowledgeable, productive human being.

In your senior year, the final step: comprehensive exams, both written and oral. Here’s an opportunity to find out what you know about your major, how much you’ve absorbed and how well you express it. These exams may not be a piece of cake, but you can do it. The rigor of the Bethany Plan experience will see you through.

And when you come out on the other side, you will have earned it. You’ll be smart, articulate and well-rounded. You’ll have been transformed into someone with the confidence to take the next step in your life head on. You will be better. And that’s a promise. The Bethany Plan works. Really works. That’s what makes us such a great investment. That’s what makes our graduates distinctive.

– Seminar
– Connections
– January Term
– Study Abroad
– Internship
– Senior Project
– Written
– Oral