Out-of-Class Learning Experiences

Burj_Al_Arab.jpgStudy Abroad

While travel abroad is often a once-in-a-college-career dream for many at colleges and universities, some students at Bethany are constantly traveling overseas – and getting credit, too. Thanks to well-established affiliations with universities around the globe, students can spend a semester studying in France, Spain, Germany, Japan, England, Canada, Argentina or Greece. Some students have visited as many as ten countries during their four years at Bethany.


Internships are also an important component of a Bethany education as students gain professional and developmental experiences through working in their related fields of study or through the many leadership opportunities available.

Internship.jpgIf it’s a Bethany internship, it’ll pay handsomely later. Bethany has contacts with companies all over the U.S. and the world. That’s what Bethany internships are all about. Opportunities for a students to put their skills into action. Students take advantage of them to coincide with their field of study and to get a real taste of the real world. That’s the big payoff.

Students may spend the summer, January Term or even a whole semester combining practical professional experience with formal off-campus study.