Bethany is a residential college and as such students live on campus during the four years they attend College. It is important for First-Year students to spend time familiarizing themselves with Bethany's housing options and room assignment and selection process.

Start Living Here

Once a student has paid the tuition deposit confirming that they will be attending Bethany, they are elligible to complete the housing application form.

How Assignments Are Made

In late May, housing assignments for incoming students will be completed. Assignments are made using the date your tuition deposit was received to determine the order in which building and room assignments are made. The earlier your deposit was paid, the higher on the priority list you will be for your residence hall choice.

How to Request a Specific Roommate

When completing the housing application, there is a section in which students can request a roommate. Please use both first and last name as well as hometown when doing this. Incomplete information will result in possible problems matching roommates. A roommate request must be mutual, meaning BOTH parties must write each other’s names on the housing application, or the request may not be honored. All potential roommates must have a valid housing application and have paid their deposit to be considered.

Due to some space limitations, we are not always able to honor all roommate requests. As we get closer to the start of the semester and space becomes limited, we may not be able to honor residence hall requests or roommate requests. Students submitting late applications will be housed where space is available.

Notification of Assignments

Your housing and/or roommate will be sent to you in early June via letter and/or email form. We encourage you to contact your new roommate to begin talking about living together. Also enclosed will be a list of recommended items to bring with you when you come to Bethany.