Make the leap from High School to college

Your first year at college is a big transition. At Bethany, we like to help our students ease into college life with a First-Year Seminar experience. It provides you with a great orientation to the College – what’s expected of you, what we have to offer and how you can best meet your academic and personal goals at Bethany.

This first semester course includes options like Tai Chi and Friends, Science and Pseudoscience and The Beatles and Popular Culture. These three-credit classes offer enlightening experiences that students often talk about for years to come. Better yet, they help you bridge the gap between high school and college, as well as between home and Bethany.

A 14:1 student/teacher ratio means you’ll know your professors and they’ll know you.

Bethany professors are more than teachers; they’re mentors, confidants and friends. In fact, it isn’t unusual for professors to invite students over to their houses for coffee, dinner and some good discussion. Our professors are here, first and foremost, because they like to teach. And students reap the benefits through better communication, more learning opportunities and deeper understanding.

And four years later … the senior experience.

Take a moment to imagine: You’ve completed three years at Bethany.You’ve been challenged, motivated, active and involved. With the help of faculty and friends, you’ve moved, step by step, towards the person you want to become. Now it’s time to put all the pieces together and we have just the things to help you do it – Senior Project and Senior Comprehensive Exams. These rigorous, yet satisfying, experiences help you understand how far you have come and how much you have learned in your four years at Bethany. When you are getting ready to go out into the world, they are terrific confidence builders.

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