Student Spotlight: Allison Snyder

Allison Snyder
, a junior international economics major from Newcomerstown, Ohio, has ventured far from the Ohio Valley during her time at Bethany. Here, she's pictured in the United Arab Emirates.
Allison Snyder's involvement at Bethany is extensive. She is the varsity tennis captain and Economics Club vice president, and is a member of the Business Administration & Accounting Club. She is a Kalon Scholar, a Freshman Residence Assistant and an announcer in the Sports Information Office. Allison is also involved in Greek Life: She is a sister of Phi Mu, and is the organiation's public relations committee chair.

As the McCann Family Investment Fund Portfolio Manager, Allison makes decisions about stocks and trades. The fund, which totals more than a million dollars, gives students a chance to learn about the economy in a very real way: They research the current market and invest the money in hopes of turning a profit.

Allison has also participated in Bethany College Theatre productions, such as “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and “Seven Deadly Sins.”


What professor has made an impact on you?
Economics and Finance Professor Anju Ramjee is an inspiration for her dedication to Bethany College. She consistently and sacrificially gives her time and energy to her students.  While on a study abroad trip in Dubai I heard another student refer to her as “The Bethany Mom,” and now I like to use the expression for her. We have been to her house for Mexican food, baking cakes and cookies, and just to watch football. I would consider her a critical component of my journey at Bethany and hope she feels appreciated for her sacrifices.

What is your favorite memory at Bethany?
In December 2013, I traveled to the United Arab Emirates with two of Bethany’s clubs. While in the UAE we took a day to go sand-dunning in the desert until we reached a campsite.  At the campsite, we rode camels, held falcons, were given traditional henna art, and were entertained by cultural dancing! I lost my camera that day but still regard it as being one of the greatest days of my life.

What’s one thing no Bethany student should miss?
No Bethany student should graduate without having hiked in our miles of trails. Nature has a way of remedying sadness, resentment and stress. I would cross oceans to find an old forest as beautiful as ours.  To attend Bethany for four years and never enter the trails would be a real shame. 

Bethany, in its rawest form, can move you if you let it.

Do you have any advice for an incoming freshman?
People remember how you make them feel. As far as it lies in you, live peacefully with all people. Smile generously. It will take you far in life. 

Work like everything you have depends on the success of today. Strive to make the most of every hour you have, but at the end of the day, after you have run yourself weary, give yourself a break and go to bed knowing you did all you could do.