Student Spotlight: Evan Byrne

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona
Major: Integrated Media & Marketing (Minor: Non-profit Management)

byrne flag photo.jpgBethany College is a distance away from the suburbs of Chandler, Arizona, but sophomore Evan Byrne has used this challenge as an advantage and has really made a name for himself here. In only two short years, Byrne has become tremendously involved on campus. He is a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Student Activities Council, Sophomore Class Council, Multicultural Committee, Public Relations Student Society of America, Student Alumni Association, Interfraternity Council and is a Kalon Scholar. 

Byrne has also completed three internship experiences. Last fall, Byrne was a One Watershed Fellow for the West Virginia Rivers Coalition. He traveled to the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia where he worked to join forces with local watershed groups on outreach programs. He also has been a Conference Intern at the Northeast Keystone Regional Conference for Beta Theta Pi and is currently working as the Communications Intern for the Frankie DiCarlantonio mayoral campaign in Steubenville, Ohio. This summer, Byrne will be taking on another internship for the 178th General Convention in Utah for his fraternity.

Byrne is currently majoring in Communications and Media Arts with a track of Integrated Media and Marketing and minoring in Non-Profit Management. Though he will not graduate until 2019, he has been giving some thought to what he would like to accomplish after graduation. Byrne is hoping to work in higher education and/or non-profit work but also would like to explore new cultures.

“I want to travel, give back, and jump right into a new culture and role that is unfamiliar so I can learn as much as possible,” said Byrne.

Byrne’s advice for incoming students is simple; open yourself up to trying something new and get involved. He says that “the only way to do it is to really apply yourself and put yourself out there, volunteer, and to try something new because Bethany College has so much to offer.”


Q: What is your favorite memory from Bethany College?

A: My favorite memory from Bethany College has to be watching the Class of 2016 graduate. I stayed on campus for graduation last year because I was working in the President’s Office during the summer. I thought it would be interesting to see the graduation ceremony that has been done so many times. I did not know too many of the seniors who were graduating besides a few. What was so impactful was at the end of graduation; everyone stood up as the sound of the Alma Mater started to play. I watched faculty, students, staff, and even some guests trying to sing the song with teary eyes and happiness gleaming from their faces. This is when it hit me. I knew that Bethany College is four years where students become immersed and attached to the history, grand views, community, and the Bethany experience. I knew I wanted to cherish my time at Bethany so at my graduation I could say I took every opportunity that was given, excelled in my academics, and immersed myself in the college life. 

Q: Why did you choose Bethany College?

A: I chose to come to Bethany College because I believe that college is a great opportunity to go to a new place, have a different cultural immersion, and give my chance to really learn to be self-sufficient. Going to Bethany, West Virginia, from my suburbs in Chandler, Arizona, has been an experience that has been filled with many learning opportunities because I went so far away from home. I also wanted to go to a small private school for the small classes sizes, intimacy, and being involved in a campus community. All of these wants have been delivered since coming to campus.