Student Spotlight: Jared Roque

 Jared Roque, a junior managerial economics major, is highly involved at Bethany, including as a member of the men's tennis team.

Born and raised near the big city of Chicago, it was tennis that first made Jared Roque feel at home at Bethany, a small college in a rural town.

The change of scenery was a big adjustment. He wasn’t feeling quite settled in during his first week of classes, but that changed after a walk to the tennis courts. An avid tennis player and member of the men’s team, Jared struck up a conversation with Jan Forsty, the women’s tennis coach. She was impressed with his knowledge of the game, and he offered to help the team however he could. That was this start of his work study job as team manager, and also the moment he began to feel at home at Bethany. He realized that being involved is key to making the most of college. It was, he says, the most memorable moment he’s had at Bethany.

Since then, the junior managerial economics major’s involvement at Bethany has continued to flourish. He’s currently Student Government Association president-elect, coming off a term as SGA assistant treasurer. He is the Economics Club president, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee men’s tennis representative, a former Resident Assistant, an Economics department tutor, and the McCann Family Student Investment Fund portfolio manager. Jared represented Bethany at the NCAA leadership conference in Providence, Rhode Island, this past year, and last summer he represented Bethany at the Disciples of Christ General Assembly in Orlando, Florida.

Looking back at his last three years at Bethany, Jared says there’s one thing that surprised him: “How quick the years go by.” To future students, he offered some advice: “Take advantage of every opportunity Bethany can offer, because the real world awaits right around the corner.” And, of course, be involved. “I truly believe that clubs give the best opportunity to be involved on campus and to leave a tradition or some sort of mark behind post graduation,” he said.

With one year left at Bethany, Jared already has an idea of where he’d like to be after graduation. “I’d like to get my MBA in entrepreneurship from Kelley School of Business: Indiana University. Bethany’s liberal arts education has given me a broad understanding of math, economics, business, and physical and social sciences, so now in my future studies I want to specialize in entrepreneurship,” he said.

“Hopefully, seven to ten years from now, I am running a business with some of my determined peers from Bethany.”