Student Spotlight: Jesse Penatzer

Jesse Penatzer, a sophomore at Bethany College, is an RA, member of the baseball team, and brother of Delta Tau Delta.

As a sophomore at Bethany, Jesse Penatzer of Gibsonia, Pa., balances his time between baseball practices and games, duties as a Resident Assistant in Campbell Village 2, and his work study job in the Communications Office.  He’s recently added Greek life to the list, and is a new member of the fraternity Delta Tau Delta.

So far, that’s his favorite memory at Bethany College. “I was never into Greek life at first, and when I opened my mind to the possibilities, I really saw how great of a thing it could be,” Jesse said, adding that the history makes it even more interesting.

A hoodie sewn with his Greek letters was passed down in his Greek “family,” he said. “It’s 20 years old – older than me." Multiple Delts who had the hoodie in their possession ended up being the fraternity's president, and he's honored to be given the chance to wear it as well.

"It's a very big deal to be given that hoodie, because it's basically saying the older members view me as someone who could eventually be Delt's president."

Networking is another big plus to Greek life. “Being a smaller campus, the connections that the college has are very close,” he said. “You never know who you could talk to that will help you down the road.”

As a psychology major, balancing all that’s on his plate can be a challenge. But, he said, he keeps up on everything by taking advantage of his downtime. “I find time for all my friends by working on my homework right after my classes are over and taking advantage of my breaks between classes – instead of taking naps.”

As a Resident Assistant, he frequently gives advice to freshmen who are trying to make the most of their time at Bethany. He said he always tells them one thing: “Always keep your mind open to new things that you typically never would have,” he said. “Join as many clubs as possible, play a sport, or just love Bethany for what it is. You will not be disappointed with the time being here.”