Student Spotlight: Kristen Ewing

Hometown: Follansbee, West Virginia
MajorIntegrated Marketing Communications: Dual-tracked in Integrated Media Marketing and Digital Media & Production

ewing omj.jpg

Kristen Ewing may be a local to the area, but she stresses that Bethany College feels like home.

“I chose Bethany because from the second I stepped on campus to tour, it felt like home,” said Ewing. “The campus just brings me such contentment and relief every time I arrive to campus.”

Ewing is from Follansbee, a neighboring town of Bethany, and is a senior in the Communications & Media Arts Department.

“I knew Bethany would set me up to some great, yet rewarding challenges, the kind of opportunities I wouldn’t get anywhere else,” she said. “This is especially true with the close knit professor-student bond on campus.”

Ewing is also heavily involved outside of the classroom. She is the President of Bethany’s Public Relations Student Society of America’s Chapter, a sister of the Phi Mu sorority, and a member of the Student Activities Council.

prssa conference.jpgAs President of PRSSA, Ewing has attended multiple conferences to further her knowledge in public relations, but it also afforded her the opportunity to network and develop skills with professionals in the field.

As a Student Activities Council member, Ewing’s favorite memory is when she traveled to Jamaica in spring 2016 for an alternative spring break trip. During her time in Jamaica, Ewing and her classmates worked in two different elementary schools serving as teacher assistants. There, they helped tutor the local children in concepts such as addition, multiplication and spelling.


  • What did you love most about your time in Jamaica?
    • First and foremost, I loved everything about Jamaica! Without Bethany and SAC, that opportunity wouldn't have happened. I loved every minute I spent with the kids there. They taught me more things than I could have ever taught them. Jamaica brought me such great joy. I love every single person I met, and I hope to reconnect with them one day!

  • ewing graphic.jpgWhat advice do you have for incoming students?
    • My advice is to not wish it all away. Things are going to get tough, but these four years really shape you into who you're supposed to be. Don't give up, stay involved on campus, but most importantly cherish every single second here because you'll blink and realize you only have a few months left to be surrounded by the place and people that make you feel the most joy.

  • What are your plans after graduation?
    • I plan on moving to Alabama and attending WVU for graduate school. They have an online master’s program that I am looking to explore once I leave Bethany.