Student Spotlight: Matt Sipos

Senior Matt Sipos returning a computer he's recently fixed on campus. He hopes to eventually use his experience with IT in a role with a Disciples of Christ church.

You might guess that senior Matt Sipos is a computer science major -- he's worked for the College's IT department since his freshman year, and is known as a tech pro on campus. However, while IT is a hobby of his, his passion is religious studies. His freshman year, Matt was chosen as a recipient of the Alexander Campbell Religious Leadership Award due to his interest in being a religious leader. 

His designation as a Campbell Scholar has given him the opportunity to travel and represent Bethany College at many events, including twice at the Disciples of Christ General Assembly, where church members from across the country meet to learn and worship.

Matt says he originally found out about Bethany College when he attended a General Assembly while in high school, so he enjoys representing the College and sharing his experiences at Bethany with high school students.

At this year's General Assembly, which took palce in July, Matt once again found his next school when visited with an administrator of NBA Xplor, a faith-based residency program for young adults.

"They have a chaplaincy program, which I'm very interested in," Matt said. "I plan to begin the program after graduating next May."


How has your work in IT prepared you for your future? Working in IT has given me that chance to explore a different field from my own major and work on a skill that can apply to general life and future work as the amount of technology is increasing in the Church and in general.

What classroom experience took you by surprise, and why? It’s not a single experience, but how many different types of experiences that you’ll find in classes throughout Bethany. Celebrating different religious holidays, going through some of the rituals, or traveling to a religious site or place of worship. There is a lot of learning to be done outside of the classroom at Bethany.

Favorite memory at Bethany: Going hiking to find the small waterfalls out around campus.

What makes Bethany special? Bethany no longer feels like a school, but rather a home. Friends feel more like family and teachers are more like mentors.

What’s something every Bethany student shoult take advantage of? Travel abroad. There are so many opportunities at Bethany to see the world. Either studying abroad for a semester or traveling during a break with a club. Getting out of the country while in school is something everyone should try.