Student Spotlight: Tess Parry

“I was determined that I was going to be a Biology major and that nothing could change my mind,” Tess Parry says of her freshman year at Bethany. However, her sophomore year, in her first calculus class, something clicked.

“The moment when I looked up from my notebook and understood the complex math that we were studying changed my path forever,” she said. “I changed my major to math because of it, and I can thank the math faculty for many of the most memorable classroom experiences I have had at Bethany.”

Tess Parry, center, with two of her Zeta Tau Alpha sisters during a philanthropy event.

She says she learned in that moment that she shouldn’t be afraid to take chances.

“Open your mind to new things,” she says when asked what advice she’d give a first-year student. “That’s the point of the liberal arts education!”

Another moment she’ll always remember was the first time she visited the house of the sorority she'd later join.

"The feeling of welcome and family that I felt from the moment I walked into the house is something that I can’t replace," she says.

“Joining Zeta Tau Alpha has to be my favorite experience at Bethany so far,” she says.

“I was a homesick freshman who was four hours from home – until I found my own home here at Bethany.”


What makes Bethany special?
Bethany is special because of the interpersonal communication that each student can develop with those around them. The connections that we create as students to professors are not something that can be found just anywhere. There is a dedication to learning and thriving that the professors here have that make the education and experience that we have successful.

What’s one thing no Bethany student should miss?
Bethany students really should take the time out of their busy lives to attend the events that the school and school-sponsored organizations host for students. It is a great way to get to know the others that you are living with on campus and sometimes those who are living in the town of Bethany as well. Events like convocation, Light Up Night and student/faculty mixers are events that you won’t be able to attend when you leave Bethany, because they are pretty exclusively Bethany things to do. Be involved and go out and meet people; there will never be another time in your life when you have the opportunity to be social with hundreds of your peers.

What is the most difficult thing about college, and how do you overcome that challenge?
I am terrible at time management. I would much rather watch television and scroll through the internet then spending hours studying at the library, and those habits have gotten to me a few times. The biggest help to me was using the resources that I was given; studying with fellow math majors, forming study groups in the library, and using the academic system that Zeta Tau Alpha employs to better my study habits. I even frequently do homework with my professors when I am confused or don’t know what the next step is. They are at your disposal during office hours. If you use the resources you are given, you will find it difficult not to succeed.