Student Spotlight: Zac Edmiston


 Zac Edmiston before a Bison baseball game. He had a successful season, ranking first on the team in both RBI and runs scored.

Zac Edmiston, a senior at Bethany College and captain of the baseball team, says most of his favorite memories during his college career have taken place during baseball practices and games. "I've shared the field iwth some of the greatest people I've ever met -- all the teammates I have met and welcomed into my life-long family."

"Bethany is my home away from home. You can become whoever you want to become here. Walking around campus and knowing everyone you see is something you can’t gain at a large school. You develop personal connections with everyone from professors to colleagues, and because of that your time here is more personable."

Looking back on his time at Bethany, he says coming to college with high academic and athletic aspirations wasn't easy. "Being away from home this is the first time I’ve ever been on my own and at first it’s hard not to become lazy, procrastinate, and mainly manage my time with baseball practicing in the fall and spring semesters. It’s hard to keep grades above standards and be successful on the field at the same time."

However, Zac managed to be successful in both aspects: he's a member of the Kappa Delta Pi honor society, Phi Delta Psi honor society, a three-time PAC honor roll recipient, received second-team all-conference 2014 honors, and is the Physical Education Club vice president.

Zac will graduate in May. "My options range from applying for grad school to get my master’s in Education, but I'm also thinking of becoming a Graduate Assistant baseball coach somewhere. My number one option is moving to Florida and working in a residential teaching position."

With graduation fast approaching, Zac said his best advice to those starting college soon is to realize how quickly the time goes. "I used to think I’d be here forever. Now I sit here a semester away from graduation and entering the real world I wonder where time went, where friends went, and why it had to go so fast."