Bethany College encourages students to get involved outside of the classroom and their academic responsibilities. Whether interested in social activities, community service programs, educational groups, or Greek Life, there is an activity, club or organization for every student. Through Student Government Association, Academic Departments, and the Office of Student Affairs, Bethany sponsors numerous student clubs and organizations to meet a variety of interests.

Benefits of joining a student organization:
  • Making new friends
  • Career exploration
  • Career information
  • Getting involved
  • Gaining a sense of belonging
  • A chance to share common interests
  • Learning to work in a group
  • Learning to manage your time
  • An opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills
  • Learning to organize meetings, events, and programs
  • Recognition for achievement
Questions to ask before joining a student organization:
What am I looking for?
Can this group meet those needs?
Does this group have interests and values that are similar to mine?
Is this a local group or are there other groups on college campuses elsewhere?
What is the relationship of this group to its state or national affiliate?
Are there any fees (monthly dues, initiation fees, etc.) that must be paid?
What kind of commitment am I willing to make to this group in terms of my time and energy?
What are my expectations of this organization?
What does this organization expect of me?

See the list of Clubs & Organizations for current opportunities. A student who is interested in one or more of these organizations or who wishes to form an additional organization can obtain specific information by telephoning the Student Affairs Office at extension 7631.