Community Service Opportunities

Bethany College students, staff, and faculty participate in a wide variety of community service projects throughout the year. Some, such as volunteer service days, tutoring projects, and club activities, primarily benefit the campus community. Other projects, such as Storybook Time at the library and the Relay for Life, provide opportunities for students and staff to interact with area families and community members.
For more than 20 years, The Renegades, an area senior citizens group, have had access to the campus health and wellness center, including the swimming pool and indoor track.
The Education Department sponsors several annual events for elementary and secondary school students with disabilities, such as Fun Day, Science Day, and the Holiday Dance, as well as working with area school districts on special projects. The new Judith R. Hurl Education Center will provide additional opportunities for teacher certification candidates, as well as other students, to provide educational and recreational activities for area school children.
The Department of History and Political Science sponsors a chapter of Amnesty International which works to raise awareness about human rights abuses around the globe. Student clubs work to raise awareness of social, political, and economic issues such as domestic violence and voter registration drives.
All campus fraternities and sororities conduct fundraising events for regional or national charitable organizations to support their activities or to raise awareness about important issues. The college sponsors a chapter of Alpha Pi Omega, a national service fraternity open to all students, which conducts projects both on and off campus throughout the year.

In short, the college welcomes any student initiative designed to serve perceived needs be they on campus, in the surrounding community, across the nation, or around the world.