Mission of the Bethany Greek System

The object of the Bethany Greek System is to provide an environment which enriches the College experience and provides an opportunity to obtain the intangibles that can only be found outside of the classroom. Our Greek system is to provide this by encouraging scholarship, fostering leadership, and allowing for experiences, such as philanthropies and community service, on a more accessible scale to the undergraduate student. The position of Bethany College is that the Greek System be an integral part of the Bethany community, and play a prideful role in the overall education of undergraduate students.

Greek Life at Bethany College
Bethany is the home of eight nationally recognized Greek social organizations and one local sorority. Greek life has been an integral part of student life at the college almost since it's founding. Bethany College was founded in 1840, and the first fraternities appeared in 1858. Since that date, students involved in our Greek organizations have been distinguishing themselves as leaders in the college community.

Contact Greek Life Office
If you have questions or concerns about Bethany College Greek Life, stop by the Student Affairs Office in Bethany House or contact the Director of Student Activities at  304-829-7905.